Audio Houston can help you raise the appraisal value of your home by $2500 – simply by installing a central vacuum.

In a nut shell, a central vacuum is a very powerful shop vacuum with all the functions of your high priced vacuums. It utilizes outlets strategically located throughout your home—you simply plug in the hose.

You can easily change attachments from upholstery brushes and crevis tools to an entire line of power head vacuum units. A central vacuum will be the most powerful and lightest vacuum you have ever used; as the dirt and debris are carried through a pipe (installed in your walls) to the canister in your garage. Our central vacuums include hepa filtration engineered to take allergens and spores out of your home. This makes for a much safer and fresher living environment.

We also install kick plates. A kick plate is like having a dustpan hidden at floor level under a cabinet or in a baseboard. To activate the suction, you simply kick the switch and it will suck any nearby debris. This is a great device for any room with hard flooring, especiallly kitchens and bathroom.

In addition to your interior installation, we always install (at no additional charge) an outlet in your garage. A garage outlet makes it convienent to vacuum your cars, boats and shop debris.

We use Honeywell & Dirt Devil products:

  • Inlets
  • Kick Plates
  • Motors
  • Pipe