Home Theater in Houston, TX

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A home theater is a very unique approach to home entertainment. It combines various electronic components to re-create a movie theater-like experience in the comfort and privacy of your own living room or entertainment area. It is designed to replicate the performance and ambience of a commercial theater. For the best home theater in Houston, TX, consider a system from Audio Houston. Audio Houston, owned by Josh Baker, specializes in custom-made audio/video installation for residences, businesses, and even vehicles. Choosing the most suitable home theater to provide you and your family with the best in-home entertainment can be a challenging and daunting process. The professionals at Audio Houston will give you a free consultation and cost estimate, something that other companies selling home theater in Houston, TX will not do. Audio Houston will design a home theater system that appeals to your discriminating taste, is appropriate for the size and proportions of your entertainment room, and fits your budget. Audio Houston can do all this in providing you the best home theater in Houston, TX because they sell the most suitable equipment, ranging from 1080p projectors with 350″ screens to 9″ LCD TVs, from more than forty-five top manufacturers.

They install custom video components, plasmas, flat panels, projectors and DLPs.

They also sell, deliver, mount, wire, design, and program all types of audio-video equipment available on the market. They supply mounts for all branded and specialty equipment, and have a machine shop that can fabricate a custom mount especially for your system. Josh Baker, owner of the best company in home theater in Houston, TX, is a man with extensive home video experience. His custom-made theater rooms have won awards and have been the subject of several magazine articles. He has trained with some of the best manufacturers of audio/video equipment. His high-volume approach to music has enabled him to experiment and discover numerous things that cannot be learned in the training classrooms of these manufacturers. Josh Baker himself has received multiple awards. Some of his citations include Rookie Installer of the Year and winner of both the Monster Cable Audio Contest and Samsung GP Audio Contest.

How can one question Audio Houston’s claim of being the best in home theater in Houston, TX with these accomplishments? Another reason why Audio Houston stands out from the other companies in home theater in Houston, TX is the quality of its personnel. Aside from the fact that Josh Baker himself meticulously handpicks all its personnel, they are also experts and well trained. Continuous training is highly valued at Audio Houston, a claim that very few establishments offering home theater in Houston, TX can make. They have three levels of technicians. Level 1 technicians are required to undergo no less than 480 hours of hands-on training. Level 2 technicians are those who have mastered the process and are competent to complete installations. Level 3 technicians are qualified to supervise all jobs and ensure that they are completed in accordance with the high quality standards required by the company and its clients.