Home Theater Installation Houston

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For people who value their quality time with their family, watching movies together in the comfort of their own home is a great way to spend time together. Thus, the choice of a home theater installation company is a big decision. There are so many companies claiming they provide the best home theater installation Houston can offer, but in reality, a prospective client can hardly distinguish one from the other. These companies providing home theater installations are plentiful with offers that are almost identical to one another, along with promises of quality and good service. Audio Huston is a company in Houston that specializes in home theater installation. The company is located in Tomball, Texas, and operates in the neighboring areas. Audio Houston provides customers with the best in-home theater equipment because they deal with over 45 manufacturers of audio/video products. What makes them the best in home theater installation Houston is that they take pride in the quality of service they render to customers.

Their personnel are well trained and experienced in installing custom audio and video equipment for homes and businesses, and even for cars. They design, wire, install, and custom fit all types of audio/video systems that will satisfy your most stringent requirements, and fit your budget as well. At Audio Houston, home consultations are free. They will discuss with you the particular type of system that you want, design the ideal system for your home and will ensure that the product is perfect as far as your requirements are concerned. No wonder homeowners consider Audio Houston the leader in home theater installation Houston. The owner of Audio Houston is Josh Baker, an award winning professional who has been recognized and featured in leading magazines for his exceptional custom-made home theaters.

Some of his awards and recognition include the Rookie-Installer of the Year, and winner of the Monster Cable audio contest and SamsungGP audio competition. He has trained with the very best manufacturers in the audio/video technology field, such as Onkyo, Polk Audio, Boston Acoustic, Klipsh, and Infinity, amongst others. Audio Houston’s priority and importance on training their staff distinguishes them from the other companies claiming to be the best in home theater installation Houston. Their staff undergoes extensive training to understand the products offered as well as to become highly experienced in the installation of the home theatres. The quality service and extensive knowledge displayed by the employees at Audio Huston make them first choice of consumers. Their expertise and extensive knowledge in the field of home theatre installations in Houston has made them very popular, and has given them a reputable name in the region.