Home Theater Installers

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All over the area Houston home theater installers can bring you the best possible value. With years of experience in Houston home theater installers are there to offer professional installation for the home theater selection of your choice. It is understandable and well known by the staff that in Houston home theater installers has no easy job. Each room is different, each installation will be different, the furniture set up is always something new, different cabling problems, set ups, and features. But this will not deter for Houston home theater installers. Superior customer service is the key to fixing any problems, overcoming installation obstacles, and keeping the clients satisfied. One such obstacle is determining whether or not your television can be installed directly above the fireplace.
Knowing whether it is safe to install the plasma or LCD television above your fireplace is one such job for professionals. In Houston home theater installers can answer these and many more questions. The first question is whether or not you plan to use that fireplace again after the installation. If you are not then you can install the plasma or LCD televisions above the fire place assuming your wall is able to support the wall mount and the weight of the television. However, if you are planning on using it again then you need to place a thermometer directly above the fireplace where you are planning on having your plasma or LCD television installed. You should then make a fire going as large as you will have it in the future. Generally, television manufacturers do not recommend heat levels to be higher than ninety degrees so if the thermometer reads that or less, you are fine. If you do not have a thermometer and cannot acquire one quickly, then create the fire in the same manner, only this time place your hand on the space where the television will be. If the space is ok to touch then in Houston home theater installers are able to proceed with the plasma or LCD television installation.
Heat should not be the only consideration when you want to mount your plasma or LCD television above your fireplace. You must also consider the material. The mantel wall might be part of the chimney or might be a brick façade. Many homes which were built during the 1970s have a brick façade while older homes have a brick wall which is part of the chimney. If the wall is brick and attached to the chimney it will more than likely get very hot, however with a façade the heat will transfer to an insulted smoke stack which will protect your wall from drying or deteriorating, and protects the paint on your wall from chipping. In Houston home theater installers have dealt with every fire place situation imaginable in terms of plasma or LCD television installation so they will be able to answer your questions appropriately. Whether your parts include video components, high performance audio components, elegant but still easy to use video systems and multi-room audio, or an automated environmental control system, in Houston home theater installers can manage every aspect of the process while teaching you along the way.